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Mr. P J

The discomfort in my arm had been getting worse for a while. I had been taking pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs for some weeks but they didn’t seem to be helping at all. It all came to a head when I needed to prepare a lot of hand-written papers and had to stop writing because of the pain. From the first treatment, the pain began to ease and I had much more mobility in my arm. At each subsequent session there has been a further noticeable improvement. Acupuncture is not at all painful, and I have never found it worrying in the least. In fact, I now quite enjoy the sessions as they are very relaxing and provide a good opportunity to reflect peacefully on the other issues of the day. I always had an open mind about different forms of medicine and was intrigued to try acupuncture when my problem arose. Now, I am all the more convinced of its benefits. As for Herbs & Harmony, I knew that they had a good reputation locally and I have found them to be excellent, with very professional, experienced and friendly (and happy!) staff across the board. I would certainly recommend Herbs & Harmony to any of my friends suffering from one of the many ailments which alternatives therapies can address.


Mrs. Francis E

At the end of June, I was in agony with my neck and shoulder. I was sure it was a lot of computer work causing the problem. I booked a course of massage, acupuncture and cupping treatment. I am coming to the end of the course and I can feel a vast improvement. I would highly recommended Dr. Bai and his staff. I feel they have worked miracles, as I no longer feel the deep burning pain I used to feel and I am now sleeping much better.


I had a trap nerve in my neck. I was in awful lots of pain and I was on hightest pain killers the doctor could give me. Somebody recommended Herbs & Harmony and after a consultation they offered me the acupuncture package. After the first session I stopped feeling the horrific pain, numbness and tingling sensation. Now I am on the fourth session and nearly all the pain has gone and most of all I no longer take any painkillers. I just taking all herbal treatments to help me to cope.

I like to say a big thank you to all the members at Herbs & Harmony.

I will definitely recommend you to all family members and friends. 
Keep up the great work and I know the local community will benefit enormously from your service.

Mrs.Gloria E

I had tension and pain in my neck and upper back following an accident. I am having acupuncture, massage and cupping with Dr Bai. I am now coming to the end of my first curse of treatments and have found it very beneficial. He has worked wonders with my neck and seems to know every place I am getting pain. Definitely worth visiting this lovely man and the girls working in the clinic are very helpful.

Mrs.Jean A

The initial diagnosis was unerringly accurate without my disclosing many details which gave confidence. The treatment involved acupuncture and massage and subsequently herbs. Even from the first treatment I felt the benefit. The acupuncture was very skilfully done-each doctor placed the needles slightly differently but with each session I felt better. The massage techniques are completely different from any Western massage I have Had- MUCH more thorough and deeper and treating the whole body in 1 session. In fact, the idea of treating both mental or emotional symptoms and physical at the same time I’m sure makes the treatment so effective. The whole treatment was both relaxing and healing.


I want to thank Dr Bai and all the consultants at Herbs and Harmony for all their support they have given me. I suffered with fatigue, bloating, tiredness and IBS. And have physically seen that I no longer suffer with these ailments. The service is excellent, the team are very polite and very helpful. I have been touched by their willing to help me lose weight. I recommend them a 100%. And hope you visit them, and get the results you looking for.